Heather Christison - Founder, My Offsite CFO
Heather Christison – Founder, My Offsite CFO

Heather Christison has had over 20 years of experience working in accounting and finance.  She has worked for all sizes of entrepreneurs from a solo-preneur start-up to a $35 million dollar a year contractor.  Her expertise gained working for the first CMA firm in the country provided a wealth of exposure to many different industries.  With clients spanning the medical/dental field, construction, business/life coaching, retail/wholesale sales she is well versed in the diverse needs of a variety of industries.

She helps entrepreneurs to understand what the numbers mean in their business and how to use that knowledge to grow.  Using plain English and examples she helps her clients with the tools they need to thrive in their business.  Being in business is a roller coaster, Heather is your partner in the ride helping you navigate the ups and downs with ease and grace


Ianthe Mauro - Objects with Purpose
Ianthe Mauro – Objects with Purpose

Heather Christison is a bookkeeper extraordinaire! Heather responds immediately to my requests, handles everything (even my slightly panicked calls about taxes), with grace and ease and professionalism. Heather is the strong foundation that allows me to continue building my business. She is fair, loyal, respectful, efficient, and delivers beyond my expectations!

I am so grateful to have Heather on my team! 

-Ianthe Mauro, creator oWp Objects With Purpose

Niki Richardson - Area Manager, Arbonne
Niki Richardson – Area Manager, Arbonne

Heather Christison is a numbers wizard. Sure she knows her way around a budget, but what distinguishes her from any other bookkeeper is her innate ability to make numbers talk to you in a language you can understand. Her quiet unassuming way, her complete confidence, her willingness to teach and support above and beyond the stated agreement are all reasons to work with her. But, for me, the single most important reason that I will continue to work with Heather is that my shoulders physically drop when I see her. It’s like my body knows we’re in safe hands for the business.  No matter how convoluted my accounts have appeared to be, she has always helped me detangle. She is nonjudgmental and holds everything not just in strictest of confidence but with compassion and true love and caring for her clients. I adore her and I know you will too. 

                                                -Niki Richardson, Area Manager Arbonne