Best of My Offsite CFO – Week One

My Offsite CFO
My Offsite CFO

We made it through week 1 together.  I hope that the links and information that I have provided here on My Offsite CFO has been useful to you in running your small business.  Of course, we can’t cover every topic or every eventuality. I hope you will stay with us in the weeks and months to come as we dive deeper. Here on My Offsite CFO, we want to empower the small business owner to feel confident in their business numbers. If you have any suggestions of great topics you would like to see covered, please contact us.

Link Roundup Week One

  • The Power of NO to reclaim your time: We started this week with a personal story of how I came to be a full-time entrepreneur.  You will hear my journey to leaving Corporate America to venture out on my own.  In this post I explore how being an entrepreneur has improved my life in so many ways
  • Not so “sexy” steps to starting a business: In this post, we explored the various steps to starting a business.  These are not the exciting parts of setting up a business.  This isn’t about your dream of changing the world or the inspiration behind starting a business.  We are talking about the down and dirty, practical steps needed to start a business.
  • Small Business Owner ADD – (Automate, Delegate, Delete): Are you spending all of your time working IN your business?  Or are you a business owner that spends most of your time working ON your business?  We explore various tools and tips to help you automate the processes you NEED in your business.  We also talk about how you might be able to delegate certain tasks or even delete them altogether
  • Are you ready for the end of the year?:  In this post, we review the tasks and deadlines you need to be aware of as you approach the end of 2016.  Get a list of things that you should be paying attention to as you head into the last 2 months of the year.
  • Does your bookkeeper pay for themselves?: In our experience, a great bookkeeper should be finding a way to either save you money or find you money.  We provide some real world examples of how we have been able to do that for our clients to give you some idea of what you should be looking for.

Setting up some back office functions Online

Come back next week as we will be exploring these and other business topics in depth.  Never miss out on another blog post subscribe here

 Best of My Offsite CFO – Week One

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